Because we deal with so many different brands and styles we have created this sizing outline so you can better understand how we measure our items. If you have specific questions about how an item fits please email us at


We put all of our clothing into 5 size categories:

  • 00-0 is considered an X-Small
  • 2-4 is considered a Small
  • 6-8 is considered a Medium
  • 10-12 is considered a Large
  • 14+ is considered an X-Large


  • Bust — we measure from armpit to armpit then we double it. Ex. 17” across would be 34”.
  • Waist — we measure approximately 7” below the armpit then we double it. Ex. 14” across would be 28”.
  • Hip — we measure approximately 14” below the armpit then we double it. Ex. 18” across would be 36”.
  • Length — we measure in the center from the top of the item down to the bottom.
  • Inseam — we measure from the crotch to the bottom.
  • Flare — we measure the width of the base of the pants. We do not double it.

Please remember these measurements are estimates. Sometimes items are altered and may fit slightly different.


International Sizes USA Sizes
36 (5.5)
36.5 (6)
37 (6.5)
37.5 (7)
38 (7.5)
38.5 (8)
39 (8.5)
39.5 (9)
40 (9.5)
40.5 (10)
41 (10.5)
41.5 (11)
42 (11.5)

We convert all International sizes to American sizes by going down a ½ size. We would strongly encourage you to visit the websites for the brands that you are interested in to determine how that specific brand fits.

Heel Height: We measure from where the heel meets the base of the shoe to the bottom of the heel.